Sunday, 16 October 2016


NOVEMBER 14-16, 2016

Supported by the Government of Telangana, co-hosted by the US Consulate General Hyderabad in association with Opportu Startup Innovation, USA and Pantas and Ting: Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology), Berkeley Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA.





Hilary MJS Weber is the Founder & CEO of Opportu Startup Innovation, an entrepreneur, Berkeley-Haas MBA, seasoned business leader, leadership consultant, experienced executive and team coach, and a healthcare industry veteran. She is a Venture Advisor, Practice Area Leader and Board Member at SkyDeck (U.C. Berkeley’s accelerator), an Industry Fellow at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an adjunct Instructor on startup innovation for U.C. Berkeley’s College of Engineering Executive Education program, and a Guest Lecturer on entrepreneurship for U.C. Berkeley, undergraduate level. She is also a Contributor to the Berkeley Innovation Index, an initiative designed by U.C. Berkeley faculty and global academic partners to understand and diagnose innovation challenges for individuals and organizations within global firms. 


The Girls in Tech India Boot camp is a blend of interactive lectures, case studies, hands-on workshop exercises that each participant will engage in. 

Detailed introduction:

Participants will begin with Confidence Building, delving deep into themselves, sharing feelings and experiences with others, and learning concrete skills that allow them to let go of self-criticism. Addressing confidence in women before they become entrepreneurs is a critical step in their success. They become more self-assured, bolstered by the company of their peers in a safe learning environment.

The second portion features an introduction to Entrepreneurship, which begins with creating and communicating a Vision/Mission that they care about. This exercise builds on the Confidence portion. Next, the Overview of Entrepreneurship Basics is an interactive, in-depth segment that allows the participants to jump in with both feet, so they optimize their learning by taking an idea from the beginning stage through building and delivering a final pitch to experienced judges at the end of the Boot camp.

In addition, all participants will use a new online assessment called the Berkeley Innovation Index at the beginning, middle and end of the Boot camp. This tool will help each participant see their progress as they learn and change their mindset and behaviors over the course of the Boot camp, and (in aggregate) will allow the hosts, partners, sponsors of the Boot camp see how the entire group increased their ability to innovate through their participation in the program.

All participants shall receive a certificate with authorization of US Consulate General Hyderabad, Government of Telangana (supported by), Opportu Startup Innovation, USA and Pantas and Ting: Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology), Berkeley Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

In addition to the certificate: Few selected participants have an opportunity to receive (a)Tickets to Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference USA in April (*Conditions apply)(b) IBM (Tech partner) for the event.A few select participants will get to apply for IBM GEP free cloud credits and / or will get a mentoring session from IBM GEP.(c) Opportunity to get facilitated by Intellecap Advisory Services Private Limited for funding. And Many more!!


To ensure a successful event for all, here are some guidelines for participants: 

      - Girls in Tech India is an organization that provides challenging and exciting curriculum while providing a safe and open learning environment. We expect all participants to be respectful of others, while feeling free to have “healthy debates” and share varying opinions.

        - For group exercises, the experience level of participants will be mixed : some will be new to entrepreneurship, while others may have some or even extensive experience. In line with best practices for innovation and entrepreneurship, the best outcomes occur when there are varied perspectives and a diversity of minds. We need all participants to be ready to learn from others, no matter what their level or background, and to help others learn as well.


If you are an entrepreneur with a well-developed idea (past idea stage and have already done, at minimum, significant customer validation), you will be invited to pitch your idea/company on the third day of the Boot camp. 

Here are the required steps: 

1. You will need to participate fully in the group work for all three days.

2. The group you are in will decide on an idea to pursue, develop and pitch. They may decide to choose to focus on your idea, or they may decide as a group to work on a separate idea.

3. If your group chooses your idea, please be open to discovery of new ways of thinking by the group. chances are, your company or idea will be that much stronger by the third day.

4. If your group decides to focus on a different idea from yours, you are still expected to participate fully in the group’s chosen idea. 

a).The group will need to elect someone other than you to pitch the group’s idea 
b).In parallel to the group work, if you are going to pitch your own company idea on the third day, you need to apply the lessons of the Boot camp to your own pitch. You will need to work on your company pitch during your free time between Day One and Day three. 
5.On Day Three, we will have specific judges rating the pitches of the more experienced entrepreneurs. Because you have had much more time to develop your idea, the pitches for experienced entrepreneurs will be held to a higher standard Best of luck with your pitch!

- English is mandatory 
- 3 days of participation is compulsory.
- Participation only through selection procedure
- Application forms should be filled only online
- Incomplete application forms are not accepted
- Team grouping will be done as mentioned below . All participants must comply.
- Special instructions to women entrepreneurs (mandatory)
- We are committed to equity of opportunities for participants across Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities.
- Decision of Girls in Tech India/Foundation is binding for all the activities, roles and event related purposes
- All photos, posters, videos taken during this duration is the property of Girls in Tech India/Foundation
- All the opportunities provided by the partners of the event to the participants of the boot-camp shall follow the due diligence of the partners.
- The decision of Girls in Tech will be final and binding on the participants and no claims will be entertained, what so ever.
- All disputes are subjected to Hyderabad jurisdiction only
- The organizers of BOOT CAMP reserve the right to delete/change/ alter /cancel/ any or all events including venue, time, day ,date , activities, there will be no binding or obligations whatsoever on the organizers in case of any such actions
- After receiving your application, we will assess your application. If you are selected, you will get an email stating the same
- Only one application may be submitted per applicant, you will get an email stating the same

*We're committed to equity of opportunities for participants across Tier I, Tier II, Tier III cities.


An expert committee has been formed with experts from various walks of life towards the selection of participants. This expert committee includes key decision makers, Government officials, startup ecosystem enablers, VC's, entrepreneurs, organizational heads/representatives, Corporate and social sector.